Your Local Chocolatière Has Moved

In 2015, after years of creating chocolates for my friends and family, I created Les Chocolats de Pascale.

It was the beginning of four thrilling years of entrepreneurship and adventure. Supported by an ever growing loyal and enthusiastic (if not addicted) customer base, I perfected my craft, went back to school at 48 to get my official French Chocolatier Degree, and acquired top of the line equipment to meet the demand.

It was four years of excitement, exhaustion, self discovery and achievement!

All of this was put in question when my husband shared with me that he had had a job offer in... Paris, France!

And here we were, considering moving back to my hometown after a quarter of a century in the US.

Leaving Les Chocolats de Pascale behind was excruciating. It still is. How could I let go of my baby? That said, with kids now in college and the opportunity to enjoy Europe again, I was excited by the new life ahead of us.

I have easily settled back into our French life and thanks to technology I keep a close connection with my American friends. I still haven't figured out what my professional path will be, but I hope it will involve chocolate one way or another.

Thank you all, friends and customers, who have supported me every step of the way. I miss you and if you come to Paris, let me know!


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